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Workplace cybersecurity policies are crucial documents made up of various statements that guide employees behaviour in reference to the security of private company information and IT systems. Such policies are not reserved only for big corporations like Apple or Amazon but are important for small to medium Geelong businesses.

We at Evongo help your small business develop a strong workplace cybersecurity policy that provides a clear guideline to the employees within your business, and in turn, builds a secure wall against exterior cyber threats.

Cybersecurity issues, minor or large, can have devastating impacts on small businesses, such as the loss of confidential information and data. To avoid this, you must provide employees with a workplace cybersecurity policy.

These policies are developed under the guidance of the Australian government and aim to protect businesses against the following cyber threats:

  • Malicious Software (Malware), which involves the viruses and spyware that infiltrate your computer systems in order to obtain private information such as passwords or credit card numbers.
  • Policies also help to prevent employees from clicking on scam emails and enabling hacking. Also known as ‘phishing’ these fake emails and/or social media messages impersonate an organisation in order to steal classified information from the business.
  • Another threat that faces small businesses ’ cybersecurity is ransomware which locks down your cybersystems and asks for payment in order for you to regain access. It is recommended in the Australian Cuber Security guide for small businesses to never pay a random as re-access is never guaranteed and you may put yourself in a position to be attacked again.

As part of our cybersecurity policies, Evongo guides employees through key areas of consideration that include the reasoning behind automatic updates, backups, access control, and encourage a multi-factor authentication measure, which requires two forms of proof to allow access.

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Download the Australian Government Small Business Cyber Security Guide Here

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