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IT security is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today

Regardless of size or industry, the likelihood of an unsolicited attack on an organisation’s IT systems and data has increased significantly. Not only are companies facing external attacks or intrusion from malicious sources, they are also being attacked internally by disgruntled or former employees. The risks include data breach, service disruption and identity fraud – which can all result in significant damage to a business.

Is your business at risk?

Evongo’s IT security services team can help you identify any vulnerabilities in your IT systems and environment by conducting a comprehensive security audit. The process involves actively testing the security of your web-based information systems, infrastructure and applications to expose any potential threats. We then provide you with a report on the vulnerabilities found and our recommendations.

Maximise network security and data integrity with tailored IT security services from Evongo

Our IT security specialists have implemented a wide range of solutions for our clients and as such have a wealth of expertise and experience with all the major security tools and technologies.

We can help secure your business with:

Access control – Enforcing security policies will enable you to control who or what can access your network so you can keep out potential attackers.

Data loss prevention – With the right data loss prevention technologies you can stop staff from uploading, forwarding or even printing your critical data.

Web security – Control your staff’s web use by blocking access to inappropriate and harmful websites while still allowing access to valuable content when required.

Email security – Email is the number one threat for a security breach so defending against spam, phishing and virus-laden emails is vital.

Mobile device securityMobile device management services let you control which devices can access your network and apply consistent data security policies to keep your network private.

Firewalls – A firewall will protect your business by using a set of defined rules to allow or block traffic from the internet to your internal network.

VPNs – A VPN encrypts your data so your remote workers can access your private company information without data being intercepted and read by anyone else.

Vulnerability assessments – Conducting a regular vulnerability assessment will identify any weakness in your network that might be a security threat.

Penetration testing – A penetration test mimics the actions of an actual attacker so we can evaluate the effectiveness of your security measures.

Please contact us for more information about our range of IT security services. Our security experts can also provide advice on secure cloud computing solutions or explain how we provide IT security via our managed IT services in Geelong.

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