Geelong mobile device management services

Evongo’s mobile device management services allow Geelong businesses flexibility while maintaining control.

Easily organise and secure all your mobile devices

How secure are the mobile devices connected to your business systems? What if they were lost or stolen? Can you guarantee people aren’t accessing your private company data?

Alleviate the complexity of controlling your mobile devices and keep your critical business data secure on both company and employee-owned mobile devices through our mobile device management services.

Features of our mobile device management services

Secure any device

Apply consistent data security policies across all IOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.

  • Enforce PIN access on all devices.
  • Protect your business data with device encryption and data loss prevention policies.
  • Quarantine or selectively wipe business data from non-compliant devices.

Secure email

Secure your business email, calendars and contacts on all mobile devices.

  • Apply consistent email configuration to all devices.
  • Enforce PIN access to protect business email, calendars and contacts.
  • Block access to or selectively wipe email from non-compliant devices.

Secure apps

Implement a secure framework to distribute, protect and manage all applications company-wide.

  • Enforce PIN access to protect business applications.
  • Ensure only company authorised third-party business apps can be accessed.

Secure content

Access critical business content and collaborate securely across any network on any mobile device.

  • Enforce PIN access to protect your business content.
  • Provide secure access to systems like Sharepoint and Office 365.

Secure BYOD

Protect both company data and employee privacy on all bring your own devices (BYOD).

  • Provide secure access to business email, apps and content.
  • Maintain user privacy.
  • Enable business data to be wiped without erasing personal information.

Monitoring and asset management

Monitoring and reporting are essential requirements as businesses introduce mobile devices into the workplace.

  • Achieve greater visibility into your mobile data.
  • Meet compliance requirements.

What you will experience

  • Simplified management of your mobile devices.
  • Consistency in how your mobile devices are used.
  • Flexibility for your staff to bring their own devices to work.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Greater data protection and much more.

Evongo’s mobile device management service provides a simple solution to managing all your mobile devices. Our professional IT support team can also provide a fully managed IT service to take care of all your business IT needs. If you are looking for IT support in Geelong please contact us to find out how we could help your business.

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