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Evongo is an IT services provider in Geelong, focused on helping clients turn their IT systems into the productive business asset they should be.

For more than 15 years we have been helping our clients achieve their business goals via our professional business IT support services, practical solutions and strategic technical advice.Read more

We take great pride in listening to and understanding our customers’ needs and providing IT solutions that are functional, cost-effective and most importantly, deliver the desired results.

A different way of thinking about business IT support

IT support is about more than just keeping your systems working properly, it’s about having a technology partner to help you to drive your business success. Whether you are a small business with only a handful of staff or bigger organisation managing the needs of hundreds of people, choosing the right IT provider is essential.

Everything we do is centred around our brand promise – “simple, reliable, advanced IT for business” – and our clients love it. That’s why we have developed a reputation of providing exceptional managed IT services in Geelong.

SIMPLE – Making IT easy for our clients.

The team at Evongo believes that technology should be practical and easy to use. We also understand how important it is for our clients to be able to focus on their job and not worry about the technology they are using – that’s our job. We focus on delivering cost-effective business IT services to our clients without complication.

RELIABLE – Keeping our clients working efficiently.

Every business owner knows the most expensive component of a technology breakdown is not the cost of repair, it’s the cost of lost productivity. That’s why at Evongo we don’t wait for problems to occur, we work to eliminate costly interruptions altogether. Keeping your IT systems working smoothly and your people productive is our priority.

ADVANCED – Helping our clients leverage technology to drive their business forward.

As technology evolves it creates new opportunities for businesses to work smarter, not harder, and many organisations need guidance to fully understand and implement the options available. The Evongo team has both the industry experience and expertise to help clients leverage technology to achieve their desired business outcomes.

A manged IT services plan from Evongo can provide your business with a simple solution to managing everything IT related including IT security services, business continuity, IT strategy planning, data networking services, mobile device management, cloud computing services and much more.

Get better results by partnering with Evongo About Us
We operate by our brand promise.
Simple, Reliable, Advanced IT for
  • making IT easy for our clients.
  • keeping our clients working efficiently.
  • Helping our clients leverage technology to drive their business forward.