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Cybersecurity for small to medium businesses

At its fundamental simplest form, cybersecurity is protecting your local business network from attacks from the outside world. Sadly, in many cases, cyber security is only something many local Geelong business owners contemplate after they have been involved in a cybersecurity incident (when it is too late)

Myths about Cybersecurity

I’m too small for cyber attackers/hackers to worry about me

Small business owners often believe mistakenly that their business is too small and insignificant for global hackers to worry about them. This is so misguided and can only end in a bad situation. Phishing scams, Trojans from hacked websites or websites set up with malicious intent can all impact a business network. Cyber attackers are looking for any vulnerability they can find. If you have a weakness they will attempt to exploit this at your cost.

I will talk with an IT business after if it happens.

Sometimes we can work miracles and potentially recover information but this is a very rare scenario. Defence and preparation is a much better strategy than recovery.

Technology is my best defence against cyber attack

Technology is only part of the defence against cyber-attack.

  • People
  • Processes
  • Technology


Are all staff constantly on the lookout for malicious behaviour? Are they or have they been trained in best practice cyber security?  Technology is often the first line of defence but if a phishing email slips through or staff set up loose and simple passwords you could be inviting trouble into your business


Regardless of the size of your operation, does your business have online and offline backup policies and procedures, are these procedures tested regularly? Do you have staff procedures should an attack happen? What next, who do they/you call? How are staff alerted to internal issues/hacks?


Cyber Security is so much more than simply installing virus protection on your laptop. As a business owner, you are tasked with a myriad of jobs that you must oversee and it’s easy to understand how some are overlooked. Payroll, Superannuation, BAS lodgement, tax returns, One-touch payroll and the list goes on. As a business owner cyber Security is easy to let it slide because it’s not something to worry about. Sadly it is and it is something many business owners realise too late.

A good cybersecurity system puts a solid defence in place and then also provides a quick recovery to ensure business continuity with minimal interruption to your business. We can work with any size business to ensure we have all the core areas of cybersecurity covered.

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