From Date we’re upgrading your cyber security. Here’s what that means for you and your team

It’s not just big businesses that are targeted for ransomware attacks these days. Hackers use automated tools to target all businesses, all of the time. Including yours.

To them it’s a numbers game. And that means without adequate protection, you’re playing a numbers game too… one that has huge potential risks.

Since we started working with you, our service has been based around a great deal of preventative work to stop your IT going wrong. And of course fixing problems we couldn’t foresee.

I’ve been watching the levels of cyber-crime increase to the point that it’s now making me uncomfortable. So I’ve decided to roll out a minimum standard of cyber security for all of our clients.

From Date we’re upgrading your cyber security. We’re putting you on our Bronze security package (we can talk about higher levels of protection if you want to – details below).

We’ve put together a sophisticated blend of security products to give you five key protections:


  • Multi-factor authentication: When you login, you’ll be asked to enter a code from another device (like your online banking)
  • Enhanced email filtering: To trap more phishing emails – the kind of emails that look real but aren’t
  • Advanced monitoring tools: Constantly checking for the most common signs of your account being compromised
  • Sophisticated alerts: Our team will be notified earlier when anything is amiss
  • Reduced access for the wrong people: So if anyone does get into your account, there’s less damage they can do


Let me anticipate what some of your questions might be.



Question: Is there a cost implication to this?

Yes, because we have invested heavily in some very sophisticated tools. It’s an investment of just £xxx per person, per month, which for your business works out at an overall increase of £xxx per month.


Question: Do I really need this security package?

Yes I really do believe you do. If you saw what I saw every day, you’d want this level of protection. Think of this cyber security package as like the air bags in your car. You hope never to have to use them. But if you have an accident, you’ll be very glad they were there to protect you.


Question: Can I opt out?

Yes, of course. You’ll just need to tell me before Date please. I will ask you to sign a document to confirm you understand the increased risk of not being protected. And also to confirm that if you are compromised by a hacker, we will charge for our time to resolve it.


Question: What else can I do to keep my business safe?

As I said earlier, this is our minimum standard. We have Silver and Gold plans with even greater levels of protection for your data and systems. There’s also critical security awareness training for your staff, and additional backup tools to give you more options in the event of a crisis.

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