Working from home remote access to emails and files, Geelong

In these unprecedented times, due to the announcement of a pandemic because of the Coronavirus / Covid-19, working from home, access to emails and remote access to files is something we are regularly asked about by our local Geelong based businesses.

If you are an existing client of Evongo here in Geelong, then the odds are that we already have you well set up for remote email access and remote file access. If not, this is something we can organise promptly. Occasionally there may be hurdles; however, this is rare.

If you are not an Evongo client, we can also help. As the pandemic spreads and all indications are that it will, it will not always be possible to visit on-site, but with remote access capabilities today we may be able to assist.

While it is possible to set up the following as needed for working from home:

  • Remote access emails
  • Remote file access
  • Remote access for staff (with limited or restricted access)

At Evongo, we would recommend that as a business owner, you act sooner rather than later so that you are 100% set up to operate remotely in a worst-case scenario. Be prepared as best as you can.

Working from home enables staff to continue to work while either self-isolating and or to allow social spacing and assist in delaying the onset of the pandemic.

Call Rod and the team now for an initial assessment of what they can do for you to assist you or your team members in working from home with full remote access for all your staff. It’s often more straightforward than you expect and once set up; it will hold you in good stead moving forward. At Evongo, we are your business continuity experts.

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